• 종갓집중구여행
  • 종갓집중구여행
  • 종갓집중구여행
  • 종갓집중구여행
  • 종갓집중구여행
  • 종갓집중구여행

Jung-gu, Head Family

문화와 예술의 도시 울산 중구

청사초롱을 들고 있는 울산큰애기

Hi! I’m Ulsan Keunaegi!
Have you heard about me?
That’s right! ‘My name is Gyeongsang-do Ulsan Keunaegi~~’
the main character in the familiar song, ‘Ulsan Keunaegi’ creating excitement, that’s me!

I am from Bangu-dong, Jung-gu, Ulsan. Bangu-dong is an area where several rivers intersect as they run through Ulsan. Bangu-dong has long been known as a fertile land with good harvests and the girls of Bangu-dong were known to be very generous, pleasant looking and fortunate. People called Bangu-dong girls ‘Ulsan Keunaegi’.
In Jung-gu, where ‘Ulsan Keunaegi’ lives, generous and affectionate people like me live in harmony.
In the past, it was home to the Ulsan Protectorate and the Gyeongsangjwa-do Military Headquarters. At present, Jung-gu is the hub of tradition and culture for Ulsan, a city of industry.

문화의거리 마두희축제 십리대숲 선글라스를 끼고 있는 울산큰애기

Including The Taehwagang National Garden and Simni Bamboo Grove with their magnificent scenery, the Culture Street, where the emotions of young artists are alive, the Taehwagang International Jazz Festival and the Ulsan Maduhee Festival, the area is filled with a variety of things to see and enjoy,
as well as delicious food and affectionate people. Ulsan Keunaegi waits for you here in Jung-gu, the hub of Ulsan.

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