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  • 종갓집중구여행
  • 종갓집중구여행
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Tourist City of the Year 2019

2019 올해의 관광도시

대답해줘~ 큰애기!! Q & A about Jung-gu, Ulsan, 'Tourist City of the Year 2019'

QWhat is the ‘Tourist City of the Year’
‘Tourist City of the Year’ is a program by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism selecting and promoting three small cities with great tourism potential as an attractive tourist destination every year. The winning cities develop content and improve the infrastructure of their tourism environment with an investment of about 5 billion KRW over a period of 3 years.
QHow was Jung-gu, Ulsan selected as a ‘Tourist City of the Year 2019’?
Jung-gu of Ulsan, Gangjin of Jeollanam-do and Ansan of Gyeonggi-do were finally selected through fierce competition among 236 local authorities in the ‘Tourist City of the Year 2019’. Jung-gu, Uslan will be a mecca of art tourism by forming a downtown with rich art resources with an open gallery for art as the main theme. Be on the lookout for exciting changes in Jung-gu, Ulsan.
QWhat are the requirements for a city to be a ‘Tourist City of the Year’?
Tongyeong with Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park, Jecheon-si famous for Uirimji Reservoir, and Muju-gun with Deogyusan Mountain and Muju Resort were selected in 2016. Gwangju, with rich modern cultural heritages, Gangneung-si, with a beautiful sea, and Goryeong-gun, where the history of Daegaya, is alive were selected in 2017. What do you think about the selection of those cities? All of them are famous cities, aren’t they? Jung-gu, Ulsan is also endeavoring to make better tourism content, which will not be any less than those cities. Please keep in mind ‘Jung-gu, Ulsan, the Tourist City of the Year 2019’.
QWhat kinds of projects are implemented through ‘Tourist City of the Year 2019’?
First, ‘Atelier City’ Formation Project! A variety of theme streets cluster around Culture Street, home of Ulsan Municipal Art Gallery, and diverse kinds of object works are installed throughout. Jung-gu, Ulsan has transformed into an atelier filled with talented artists, an open gallery making the entire city an art gallery, cultural facilities including the Go Boksu Salon, a Music Creation Space and Keunaegi House.

Second, a variety of performances, festivals and events!! The existing Ulsan Maduhee Festival and Taehwagang Jazz Festival
will present a greater variety of programs on a greater scale.
A number of performances and events including Ulsan Keunaegi Midnight Theater
and The Taehwagang National Garden Color Run Event will be held.

Third, full of delicious food! The Jonggatjip Lunch Box, enabling the enjoyment of a variety of local Ulsan foods in one meal,
will be launched. Keunaegi Night Market will be upgraded with more delicious food
and a variety of menus and Jung-gu Culture Hall will be renovated as a mecca of high-end
culture by forming a Sky Bar with jazz and famous paintings.
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