• 종갓집중구여행
  • 종갓집중구여행
  • 종갓집중구여행
  • 종갓집중구여행
  • 종갓집중구여행
  • 종갓집중구여행

Art Tour

Art Tour
Exciting art tour with Keunaegi
  1. Cubic Plaza
    (Visual Radio)
  2. Go Boksu
    Music Salon
  3. Culture Street
  4. Ulsan Keunaegi
  5. Jonggatjip Creative
    Art Space
  6. Seo Deokchul Park
    (Memorial Hall)
  7. Jung-gu
    Cultural Hall
  • 정면에서 바라본 큐빅광장의 전체모습
    Cubic Plaza (Visual Radio)
    Cubic Plaza, winner of the Grand Prize in 2013 The Good Place Award of Korea, is a work of art in and of itself. Built on a space where a travelling theater troupe performed in the 1970s, Cubic Plaza reproduced the memory of the past with a modern flair. A variety of performances, exhibitions and exhibition programs are held by the local youth here. A booth for radio programs where people can watch will also be constructed here.
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  • 고복수살롱이라고 간판이 걸린 건물 모형물
    Go Boksu Music Salon
    As a space to commemorate Master Go Boksu, the representative musician of Ulsan as well as the singer of the song ‘Living in a Hometown’, the Go Boksu Music Salon is a multipurpose cultural space comprising a memorial hall and music café. Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere while appreciating the music of Master Go Boksu and the music of his times arranged to fit to the modern ear. A variety of things for tourists to enjoy is also presented including a bench-style photo zone.
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  • 문화의거리에서 벽면에 작품을 그리고 있는 예술가
    Culture Street
    The Culture Street has been renovated to the ‘Atelier City’, filled with the enthusiasm and emotion of artists, for the designation of ‘Tourist City of the Year 2019’. The beautiful street scenery itself is a work of art. Culture Street is the representative tourist attraction of Jung-gu, Ulsan, where exhibitions and street performances of various themes are presented every week.
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  • 울산큰애기하우스의 내부 모습
    Ulsan Keunaegi House
    Ulsan Keunaegi House on Culture Street is a tourist information center as well as a shop developing and selling character and art items. Various kinds of character items and craftworks with ‘Ulsan Keunaegi’ as the theme are sold here and there is a variety of things to see for tourists. I, Ulsan Keunaegi, hope for your visit!
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  • 종갓집 예술창작소에 전시되어있는 작품들
    Jonggatjip Creative Art Space
    Community center where every resident can enjoy cultural and recreational life. The Jonggatjip Creative Art Space, with creative space for new artists, practice rooms for art clubs, a little library and a shop for created work, is a space for residents to satisfy their cultural desires and communicate with each other.
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  • 하늘에서 본 서덕출공원의 전체모습
    Seo Deokchul Park (Memorial Hall)
    Appreciate various kinds of sculpture works by leading artists in Korea at Seo Deokchul Park, the first sculpture park in Ulsan. There is the memorial hall where you can have a look at the achievements of Master Seo Deokchul, who composed the children’s song ‘Snowflakes’. It’s perfect for a family picnic because of the trail, the fountain and playground.
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  • 하늘에서 본 중구문화의전당 전체모습
    Jung-gu Cultural Hall
    Jung-gu Culture Hall, winner of the prize in the Public Building Award of Korea 2015, has the best specialized concert hall, exhibition halls with high-tech facilities and a beautiful rooftop terrace. It’s the perfect place for tourists to have tea because of the lounges with spectacular views located throughout the building.
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