Welcome to the Jung-gu Ulsan Metropolitan City I sincerely welcome you, the netizens who are visiting our district’s website.
01 Jung-gu Ulsan Metropolitan City About Jung-gu
It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Kim Young-gil, the Head of Jung-gu Office.
Thank you for visiting Ulsan Jung-gu Office’s website. Our gu (district) is the birthplace of the master Oesol Choi Hyeon-bae, the home of Hangeul, and the head family’s home embracing the beginning history of Ulsan, a metropolis that encompasses the Taehwa River and the Taehwa River National Garden.

To grow into a city that ‘Everyone wants to visit’, and ‘a city full of vitality where people want to stay to reside’
We aim to be a 'city rich in sights,' a 'city with different tales,' a 'city full of human warmth,' a 'city with plenty of future employment,' and a 'city that offers new possibilities to everyone.'
I will become the head of the Jung-gu office, which listens to everyone who visits our website and incorporates their feedback into dministration in order to assure a better future and citizens’ administration.
Thank you.
Kim Young-gil, Head of Jung-gu Office Ulsan Metropolitan City

Educational background
  • Graduated from Byeongyeong Elementary School.
  • Graduated from the Department of Public Administration, University of Ulsan.
  • Graduated from the Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Ulsan (Master's Degree in Public Administration).
  • 2009 : Awarded at the 1st Local Council Service Awards.
  • 2014 : Received the prize for creative management at the Korea CEO Leadership Awards.
  • 2015 : Received the SA grade from 2015 Local Government Election Manifesto Plans Assessment hosted by Korea Manifesto Center.
  • 2016 : Received the SA grade from the 2016 Local Government Election Manifesto Implementation and Information Release Assessment.
Major career
  • Served as the president of JCI-Korea Gyeongnam Ulsan Regional.
  • Served as the president of the Jung-gu Ulsan Council of Sport for All.
  • Served as the 4th chairman of the Ulsan Jung-gu Council.
  • Served as the vice-president of the National Association of Local Council Chairmen.
  • Served as the chairman of the National Association of Regional Councils for Regional Balanced Development.
  • Served as the director of Ulsan Bank of the Aged of Ability.
  • Awarded at the 1st Local Council Service Awards.
  • Elected as the 5th and 6th mayor of the Jung-gu, Ulsan by popular vote.
  • Served as the chairman of the Ulsan Jung-gu Sports Councils.
  • Served as the chairman of the Ulsan Jung-gu Sports Association for the Disabled.
  • Served as the co-chairman and spokesperson of the National Association of Mayors.
  • Served as the co-chairman and secretary general of the National Association of Mayors.
  • Served as the vice-president of the National Innovation Cities Council.
  • Served as the chairman of the National Association of Mayors.
Vision of Jung-gu Gu Administration’s Goal

Jung-gu, the head family’s home where everyone wants to live

Gu Administration’s Policies
  • A dynamic city with a thriving local economy
  • A city of culture and tourism where people desire to remain
  • A pleasant, healthy, and secure city
  • A friendly, happy education and welfare city
  • A collaborative and compassionate open city
Jung-gu Ulsan Metropolitan City General Statistics As of 31 December 2021
  • Population :212,883 (Men:107,736 / women:105,147)
    • - Households : 93,633
    • - Foreigners : 1,668
  • Area : 37㎢ (3.5% of Ulsan Metropolitan City)
    • - Residential zone : 13.05㎢ (35%)
    • - Commercial zone : 1.57㎢ (4%)
    • - Green zone :22.86㎢ (61%)
  • Dwelling houses : 78,389
  • Infrastructure
    • - Road: 4,050㎢/ Waterworks: 537.5㎞
    • - Sewerage: 646.6㎞ / Park facilities: 3,028㎢
  • Major facilities
    • - Jungbu Police Station(8), Jungbu Fire Station, etc.(4)
    • - Educational institutions : Kindergarten(33), Elementary school(21), Middle school(11), High school(9), University(2)
    • - Welfare facilities : Seniors welfare center(2), Welfare institutes for the disabled(16), Welfare facilities for women and children(15)
  • Administrative personnel
    • -1 offices, 4 bureaus, 22 divisions, Ulsan Jung-gu Public Health Center, Jung-gu Arts Center, Jung-gu Council, and 13 dongs
    • - Employees: 685
  • LOGO of Jung-gu

    Derived from a Chinese character '中' (jung) meaning the center, the logo of Jung-gu is the figuration of a human being. This represents Jung-gu's administrative objective of seeking people-oriented, kind welfare administration. Moreover, to emphasize concord between people and administration, it expresses a hugging posture.
    he red colored circle on the top of the logo symbolizes enthusiasm and the sun. The blue colored figure in the middle represents not only convenient administration based on positive thinking but also the Taehwagang River, the lifeline of Ulsan. The green color at the bottom shows our will to maintain the comfortable

  • Brand Slogan of Jung-gu

    The shape of combined letters, ㅅ and ㅜ of "숨“ comes from the images of the tile-roofed house roof and eaves such as Taehwaru Pavilion, hyanggyo, a Confucian school, and the magistrate's office. This is designed to represent the nature of Jung-gu, Ulsan, the home of rich tradition and culture.

  • Character of Jung-gu

    Name: Garami (A river fairy embracing Jung-gu, Ulsan)
    This is designed to represent Jung-gu as the lifeline of Ulsan for a long time through the image of Taehwagang River encompassing Jung-gu, Ulsan.
    The waves of the head part symbolize the Taehwagang River. As you can see, the waves embrace the head and torso parts, which mean that Jung-gu is the center of Ulsan.
    The bright and clean colors are intended to express a cheerful and friendly image.
    The chest mark indicates a dynamic gesture to soar high.

Nature Symbols
  • Gu tree
    Gu treebamboo (symbolizing integrity and constancy)

    As one of the 12 Scenic Sites of Ulsan, Taehwagang Simnidaebat, an extensive bamboo field, is located in Jung-gu, Ulsan. The evergreen bamboo forest represents dynamic Jung-gu.

  • Gu flower
    Gu flowerCamellia (symbolizing prosperity and hope)

    As a rare camellia variety native to Hakseong, Ulsan, it expresses the image of Jung-gu that boasts a long, rich history and is moving forward to a better future.

  • Gu bird
    Gu birdCrane (symbolizing cleanliness and elegance)

    As shown in the place name, Hakseong, Jung-gu has long been home to cranes (pronounced as hak), which coincide with the image of Jung-gu with clean and elegant dignity.

The major brand of a cultural tourism city, Jung-gu, Ulsan (Ulsan Keun Aegi)
The major brand of a cultural tourism city, Jung-gu, Ulsan (Ulsan Keun Aegi)

'Ulsan Keun Aegi' used to indicate maidens living in Bangu-dong, Jung-gu, Ulsan. Because Bangu-dong, Jung-gu is where the Taehwagang River, Dongcheongang River, and Yaksacheon Stream meet together, it has boasted an abundance of water, which is favorable to growing rice and fruits.
Even during the austerity years across the country, its economic situation was relatively better.
As a result, maidens living here featured exceptionally fine skin and kind personality, so out-of-towners called them Ulsan keun aegi.

Jung is the head house of Ulsan because it has long been the hub of local history and culture.
It is deemed that 'Ulsan Keun Aegi' perfectly matches this Jung-gu' image, so the old downtown tourism/culture project has been named 'Ulsan Keun Aegi Project', which has also been designated as one of major brands of Jung-gu, Ulsan.

  • Identity : Maiden of the head house of Jung-gu, Ulsan
  • Name : Ulsan Keun Aegi
  • Age : Classified (probably in her twenties)
  • Hometown : Bangu-dong, Jung-gu
  • Job : Level 9 civil servant from the Provincial Tourism Dept. of Jung-gu Ulsan Metropolitan City
  • Personality : Kind, prim and proper, proud, and active
  • Hobby : Travel, SNS activity
  • Favorite song : 'Ulsan Keun Aegi' sung by Kim Sang-hee
  • Complex : A freckled face (This is why she applies blush.)
Sister Cities Abroad
Zhifu District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China
Zhifu District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China
Date of affiliation : 2006.10.19
Area : 174.4 ㎢
Population : 690,000 persons
Semarang, Indonesia
Semarang, Indonesia
Date of affiliation : 2016.11.25
Area : 373.7 ㎢
Population : 2,100,000 persons
  • Address : (Boksan-dong) 1, Danjanggol-gil, Jung-gu, Ulsan, 44475
  • Tel: 052-290-3000
  • Fax: 052-290-3999
Expressways from Seoul to Ulsan
Four expressways available (314.5km)
→ Yeongdong?Expressway (46.4km)
→ Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway
→ Sangju-Yeongcheon Expressway
→ Gyeongbu Expressway
From Seoul to Ulsan (by KTX)
KTX Seoul Station → KTX Ulsan Station (2h 10 min)
From Seoul to Ulsan (by plane)
Kimpo International Airport → Ulsan Airport (55 min)
02 Jung-gu Ulsan Metropolitan City MAJOR POLICIES
Take a Leap Toward a Cultural Tourism City

Take a leap toward a cultural tourism city to heighten self esteem
Jung-gu, Ulsan has been rooted as a cultural tourism city for everyone to enjoy high-quality culture and arts in their daily routine, taking pride in its elevated position as the head house of Ulsan.
- Providing a variety of cultural and arts performances, exhibitions, and educational courses
- Discovering and restoring proud historical and cultural resources to increase their value before passing them down to next generations
- Constructing tourism infrastructure filled with an abundance in storytelling and experienced programs
- Operating the complex cultural space for people to seize opportunities to experience arts and culture, and new culture and knowledge.

Take a Leap Toward a Cultural Tourism City Take a Leap Toward a Cultural Tourism City
Realize Welfare Needs Realize Welfare Needs
Realize Welfare Needs

Realize welfare needs appealing to everyone
Jung-gu, Ulsan has made various attempts to fulfill welfare services from birth to grave for its people.
- Creating lifelong educational and cultural programs based on people's spontaneous engagement
- Constructing sports environments for people to enjoy them even in downtown
- Building customized welfare delivery systems without blind spots
- Strengthening support for veterans to honor their contribution
- Laying foundations for the self-reliance of vulnerable social groups to give them hope for a better future
- Actualizing a new level of wellbeing for the elderly
- Creating a woman-friendly, happy city together
- Assisting adolescents with sound cultural activities and growth
- Fostering safe and comfortable care settings
- Providing checkups to prevent disease and ensure a right to be healthy
- Making a future-oriented Jung-gu for a better healthy life each day

Realize City Regeneration & Creative Economy

Realize city regeneration and creative economy to design a new era
Jung-gu, Ulsan has encouraged residents' active engagement and activities to make creative economy come true through city regeneration.
- Promoting sustainable and viable city regeneration projects and expanding their applications to other regions
- Renovating old facilities or out-of-the-way alleys into startup malls or specialized streets
- Creating jobs tailored to regional features
- Extending infrastructure for traditional markets, educating market vendors, and improving unreasonable regulations
- Revitalizing urban and rural economies and urban agriculture

Realize City Regeneration & Creative Economy Realize City Regeneration & Creative Economy
Construct a Safe City Construct a Safe City
Construct a Safe City

Construct a safe city where people come first
Jung-gu, Ulsan devotes everything to educating people on safety and strengthening facility safety management to effectively deal with disasters.
- Building disaster/crisis management and response systems along with preemptive safety management in areas vulnerable to disasters
- Controlling out-of-the-way roads and facilities to ensure safety
- Creating a sustainable, high-quality city through the improvement of urban environments and streams
- Constructing the Janghyeon Urban High-Tech Industrial Complex
- Expanding and managing infrastructure for public parking lots along with the efficient operation of the integrated CCTV control center

Create Green Environments

Create high-quality green environments for green healing in downtown
Jung-gu, Ulsan boasts beautiful nature all year round through the creation of green spaces where people can meet nature near downtown.
- Fostering green spaces for green healing such as a rural ecosystem experience village, recreational forests, flower roads, and forest walkways
- Creating a world-class city with outstanding landscapes by renovating signs and billboards and building a moonlight-nuri path
- Building a green and clean city to increase the quality of life

Create Green Environments Create Green Environments
Implement Customized Administration Implement Customized Administration
Implement Customized Administration

Implement customized administration to reflect people's voices
Jung-gu, Ulsan has realized open administration by sincerely understanding on-site issues in conjunction with communication policies.
- Implementing open administration and through effective communication and promoting administrative activities
- Revitalizing the operation of the community center to provide convenient services for people
- Offering around-the-clock civil services to satisfy people's needs
- Increasing the competitiveness of the workplace through ability development and the systematic operation of organizations

03 Jung-gu Ulsan Metropolitan City CULTURE & TOURISM
Hot Spot 1 The Taehwagang National Garden

Ecology park along Taehwagang River crossing the center of Ulsan. The Taehwagang National Garden is the representative downtown park in Ulsan listed on Korea Top 12 Ecology Tour Districts. Formed along the Taehwagang River keeping the ecology environment as it is, The Taehwagang National Garden plays a significant role as a space for relaxation in the downtown area.

The Taehwagang National Garden
Hot Spot 2 Simnidaesup

Ecology park along Taehwagang River crossing the center of Ulsan. The Taehwagang National Garden is the representative downtown park in Ulsan listed on Korea Top 12 Ecology Tour Districts. Formed along the Taehwagang River keeping the ecology environment as it is, The Taehwagang National Garden plays a significant role as a space for relaxation in the downtown area.

Oesol Museum
Hot Spot 3 Oesol Museum

Hangeul Museum: describing the history of Hangeul.
The remains of Master Oesol Choi Hyeonbae, the Korean alphabet scholar emphasizing ‘Hangeul is the life’, are displayed in this Hangeul Museum.

Taehwaru Pavilion
Hot Spot 4 Taehwaru Pavilion

Pavilion built when Great Monk Jajang built Taehwasa Temple. When the great monk Jajang arrived in Ulsan after studying Buddhist truths in the Tang dynasty in 643 (12th year of Queen Seondoek’s reign in Silla period), he built Taehwasa Temple.

Hot Spot 5 Ulsankeunaegi Night Market

Ulsankeunaegi Night Market is one of two markets in Korea selected through an open competition for the night market project of traditional markets in 2015. It was formed as the largest market around Jungang traditional market in the former downtown area for the first time in Ulsan.

Ulsankeunaegi Night Market
Hot Spot 6 Iphwasan Natural Recreation Forest

Forest where intact nature can be appreciated in the harmony of pine and oak. Designated as a natural recreation forest by the Korea Forest Service, Iphwasan Chamsari Forest has a camping site and auto camping site for enjoying an intact natural environment in a harmony of pine and oak trees.

Iphwasan Natural Recreation Forest
04 Jung-gu Ulsan Metropolitan City LIFE INFO
Take a Leap Toward a Cultural Tourism City

The Multicultural Family Support Center provides comprehensive services to support multi-cultural families for stable settlement and family life.

  • How to use : Apply for membership and the use of programs
  • Business hours : 09:00-18:00 during weekdays
  • Service fee : Free of charge (except for some programs such as visiting education service, etc.)
Multicultural Family Support Center Multicultural Family Support Center
Main services

Korean language education/interpretation & translation/counseling and case management/social adjustment training, vocational education, and family education targeting marriage-based immigrants/aid to the language development of children/visiting education (children's life)/creation of a bilingual environment, etc.
For more information, feel free to contact us.

Healthcare Service

There are clinics for primary care, general hospitals for secondary care, and a university hospital for tertiary care.
If you have a cold or minor symptoms, visit clinics. If you want to visit a general hospital or a university hospital, make a medical appointment.
Information on medical departments is seen at the entrance to hospitals or clinics or on their notices.
Choose appropriate hospitals or clinics according to your symptoms.

  • Emergency Medical Center +
    • Division - Secondary Dongkang Medical Center Emergency Center
      1. - Address : 239, Taehwa-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan
      2. - Contact : +82-52-241-1114
      3. - Emergency Room : +82-52-241-1190
    • Division - Primary Ulsan Semin Hospital Emergency Center
      1. - Address : 184, Hakseong-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan
      2. - Contact : +82-52-705-5000
      3. - Emergency Room : +82-52-705-5000
    • Division - Primary Ulsan H Hospital Emergency Center
      1. - Address : 363, Hwahap-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan
      2. - Contact : +82-52-290-7186
      3. - Emergency Room : +82-52-290-7186
  • General Hospitals and Clinics +
    • Gangseo Hospital
      1. - Department : Orthopedics / Internal Medicine
      2. - Address : 107, Bukbusunhwan-doro, Jung-gu, Ulsan
      3. - Contact : +82-52-249-1501
    • Ujeong Hospital
      1. - Department : Orthopedics
      2. - Address : 17, Myeongnyun-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan
      3. - Contact : +82-52-703-7000
    • IYUN Hospital
      1. - Department : Ophthalmology
      2. - Address : 371, Beonyeong-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan
      3. - Contact : +82-52-291-0087
    • Hwangduhwan Internal Medicine Clinic
      1. - Department : Internal Medicine
      2. - Address : 358, Hwahap-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan
      3. - Contact : +82-52-294-4890
    • Good Morning Family Medicine
      1. - Department : Family Medicine
      2. - Address : 46, Daun-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan
      3. - Contact : +82-52-277-0212
    • Jeonjaegi ENT Clinic
      1. - Department : ENT
      2. - Address : 94-1, Hakseong-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan
      3. - Contact : +82-52-243-6727
  • Dental Hospitals and Clinics +
    • Baekseok Dental Clinic
      1. - Address : 213, Taehwa-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan
      2. - Contact : +82-52-245-0900
      3. - Language Service : English/Chinese
    • Seongan Dental Clinic
      1. - Address : 3F, Daehyeong Building, 192, Seongan-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan
      2. - Contact : +82-52-248-2875
      3. - Language Service : English/Chinese
    • Chamjalhanun Dental Clinic
      1. - Address : 4F, 485, Beonyeong-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan
      2. - Contact : +82-52-710-5528
      3. - Language Service : English
Public Health Centers
  • Jung-gu Public Health Center
    1. - Address : 225, Oesolkeun-gil, Jung-gu, Ulsan
    2. - Contact : +82-52-211-4000

Public health centers located in each region provide medical treatment at affordable costs and different physical checkups free of charge according to age and income. The center implements a variety of projects including checkups, smoking cessation programs, the management of maternity, pregnant women, and infectious diseases, and lectures on health improvement for residents. Vaccination for children and infants : The public health center operates from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon during weekdays. You can get free treatment if you are subject to the National Immunization Program.

  • Transportation

    As the means of transportation within Ulsan, you can usually use intra-city buses and taxis. When leaving Ulsan, you can use inter-city buses, express buses, limousine buses, trains, and airplanes. For more information about how to use those services above and how much they cost, click on the link below.

  • Shopping & Food

    You can see information on restaurants and places for shopping in Jung-gu, Ulsan.

Waste Treatment
  • General Waste Discharge Guide
    1. Discharge: 8:00 p.m. to 12 midnight of each day, from Sunday to Friday
    2. Collection: 1:00 a.m. to 12 noon of each day, from Monday to Saturday
    3. Only wastes from everyday life, except for food waste and recyclable materials, need to be put in a standard plastic garbage bag before placing it in front of your house or store.
      ※Standard plastic garbage bag
    4. You can purchase standard plastic garbage bags in a store such as a near grocery store, a convenience store, etc.
    5. You can get a refund on a standard plastic garbage bag from the store where you bought it (Please show the receipt when getting a refund).
      (8:00 p.m. to 12 midnight) (1:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.)
  • Food Waste Discharge Guide
    • In case of detached houses and small workplaces Remove water from food waste → Attach the month-valid sticker to the food waste container → Place it in front of your house or store.
    • Apartment houses (apartment houses that have signed an agreement on collection, transport, and disposal) Remove water from food waste → Put it in the food waste container → Fees are charged according to the amounts of discharge (KRW 50 per liter)
    • Day and time for food waste discharge
      Collection district

      Bangu 2-dong, Yaksa-dong, Daun-dong (west of Jungang High School), Boksan 1 dong & 2-dong, Bukjeong-dong (Except for Seongan-dong), Jungang-dong (Okgyo-, Haksan-, Seongnam-, Gyo-dong), Byeongyeong 2-dong (Dong-, Seo-, Janghyeon-dong)

      • - Day (time) for discharge : Sun., Tue., Thur. (8:00 p.m.-12 midnigt)
      • - Day (time) for collection : Mon., Wed., Fri. (1:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.)
      Collection district

      Hakseong-dong, Bangu 1-dong, Seongan-dong, Ujeong-dong, Taehwa-dong, Daun-dong (east of Jungang High School), Byeongyeong-dong (Namoe-dong)

      • - Day (time) for discharge : Mon., Wed., Fri. (8:00 p.m.-12 midnight)
      • - Day (time) for collection : Tue., Thur., Sat. (1:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.)
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